Discover at La Sucrière a national exclusive exhibition "The World of Steve McCurry"

La Sucrière will offer a chance, until the 26th May 2019, to explore "The world of Steve McCurry", a national exclusive exhibition.

Publié le Thursday 7 February 2019 - 15:40

Over 200 large prints are on show at the Steve McCurry exhibition. This is the largest and most comprehensive retrospective of the American photographer’s work. One can admire his most famous pictures taken throughout his 35 year career but also more contemporary shots and many exclusive not-yet-seen pictures. 

Each and every one of Steve McCurry’s pictures, for the most part world famous, reveals a complex universe of experiences and emotions

Designed by Biba Giacchetti, through a vast and fascinating repertoire of pictures where the human being always takes centre stage, albeit at times discreetly, the exhibition takes the visitor on a long voyage through the eyes of Steve McCurry from Afghanistan to India, from South East Asia to Africa, from Cuba to the USA, from Brazil to Italy.

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