Centre de Congrès de Lyon

An impressive city-centre events complex, ideal for the hosting of all your events: congresses, conventions, seminars, cocktail parties and exhibitions...

Designed by Renzo Piano and immediately recognizable thanks to his inimitable architectural style, the convention centre is in the very heart of the Cité Internationale district along the famous Tête d’Or Park. Equipped with state-of-the-art features and located in such a pleasant environment, the Lyon convention centre rivals the world’s largest international event venues.

The site features a unique 180 ° Gallo-Roman inspired open staged hemicycle Amphitheater. This prestigious city center events complex, hosts more than 300 events per year, including major international congresses.

The Lyon Convention Center can offer 24,000 m² of flexible meeting spaces including 3 amphitheaters (300, 900 and 3000 seats) and 35 fully equipped meeting rooms, which can accommodate for events ranging from 50 to 19,000 people. These spaces are independent and dedicated to conventions, seminars, congresses, exhibitions, prestigious evenings, gala dinners and concerts.

The site offers state-of-the-art Internet connectivity with high bandwidth Wi-Fi and 4G access, that is especially suited to conventions, thanks to venue-wide fiber optic coverage.

Top Lyon convention centre assets include:

  • Natural day light in all spaces.
  • Fully equipped rooms (furniture, A/V...)
  • Internet connection with access to state-of-the-art Wi-Fi and 4G.
  • All the expertise necessary to organize and enhance your events: catering, audiovisual, IT, decoration ...
  • A single point of contact, your project manager, whose mission it is to accompany you and coordinate all services towards your full satisfaction.
  • Hotels nearby: 500 rooms on site and 1000 rooms accessible on foot.
  • 3,500 parking spaces

3 amphitheatres

Modern, user-friendly and modular
300 – 900 – 3000 seats

Waouh Centre de Congrès

24 000 m² of modular exhibition halls

of which 8400 m² are on one level, ideal for exhibitions, catering events, conferences and gala dinners…

35 meeting rooms

with seating for 50 to 450 persons

Our spaces

Vue d'ensemble Amphithéâtre Centre de Congrès de Lyon © Nicolas Rodet
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  • A 180 ° Hemicycle
  • Modular seating allows for seating for up to 3,200 people
  • 1,000 m² of stage space
  • Technical management and integrated translation booths

Key assets

Daring to be different: Surprise your guests by holding a cocktail or a dinner party on the stage


  • A variable capacity auditorium for up to 900 persons
  • 332 m² stage area
  • Integrated technical office and translation booth


  • A variable capacity auditorium for up to 300 persons
  • A 30 m² stage area
  • Integrated technical office and translation booth

Key assets

Superbe acoustics are a key feature of this amphitheatre


  • 8 400 m² of entirely modular exhibition space with mobile walls allowing for the creation of up to 6 spaces
  • Suitable for cocktails up to 7000, conferences up to 6000 and gala dinner for up to 4500


  • 35 meeting rooms from 50 to 450 persons
  • Fully equipped with: Screens, video projector, A/V, blinds

Key assets

Magnificent views on the Rhône River and Tête d’Or Park