Responsible actor of the event chain, the GL events Group has been committed for several years to a sustainable development politic, in particular through the implementation of the "Think Green" action program and the formalization of a Code of Ethics and Conducts encouraging a sense of responsibility next to the environment.
GL events Venues and Lyon events*, specialists in the management of event spaces, has been involved in an ISO 20121 certified environmental management system with the following objectives:

  • Satisfy the expectations and needs of its stakeholders,
  • Limit impacts on the environment and prevent pollution risks,
  • Ensure compliance of sites regards to a restrictive context of regulation,
  • Respond to a growing demand from international customers for the choice of their event site.

Integrated in the operational management of French sites, this continuous improvement approach is declined on 4 mains issues:

  • The energy control of buildings,
  • The management of the waste produced during the events,
  • Optimization of water consumption,
  • Co² emissions related to our activity.

In 2019 the sites of the Lyon Convention Centre and Eurexpo Lyon obtained the ISO 20121 standard. Re-certified in 2022 (for a period of 3 years), they are joined by La Sucrière.Convinced that this ambition is an opportunity to strengthen our collective performance by giving meaning to our missions, we invite each and every one of you to become a player in this challenge and participate in building a sustainable future for future generations.  

Lyon’s event venues running on 100% green electricity

Like all of the GL Events venues in France, « Lyon events » venues (Eurexpo Lyon, the Lyon Convention Center, the Gerland Matmut Stadium and La Sucrière), are actively taking part in “Renewable Electricity” programs made available by various energy suppliers.

So, how does it work?

For each kWH of electricity used on our sites, our chosen supplier commits to re-injecting an equivalent amount of sustainably sourced renewable electricity back into the French network when possible. 

An undoubtedly conclusive way of positively taking part in much needed energy transition efforts!


* Eurexpo Lyon, Centre de Congrès de Lyon, La Sucrière