Our rentals of original venues in Lyon

The choice of a private venue is one of the key organisational steps of a corporate event. You need to find an inspired venue that suits your image and makes a lasting impression... Are you looking for an inspired, fully private seminar venue such as the Matmut Stadium in Gerland, the rooftop of the Lyon Convention Centre or la Sucrière? Come and see our rentals of original venues in Lyon without further delay!

Choosing an inspired venue

Finding the ideal venue for your event is a crucial step. Organising a professional event in an original location will allow you to impress and surprise your audience. To find the perfect reception venue, beyond its original appearance, you need to take into account the capacity and access to the venue, your budget, and the duration and nature of your event.

Reception capacity

The choice of an inspired venue must be thought out well in advance in order to be able to choose from a number of private venues and ensure that they are available at the right time. Plan to find your private venue several months in advance. Your private venue must be perfectly suited in terms of capacity, neither too big nor too small, both of which would have a negative effect in terms of your image. If you have any uncertainty about the number of participants who will actually come to your event, consider a modular space that can easily adapt to your needs.

The nature of your corporate event

Depending on the type of event and the who your guests are, the place you choose will vary. Are you organising an internal or external event? Is it an evening function or a day out with clients? Is it a product launch? A corporate party? Depending on the type of event and the activities planned, the nature of the venue will vary. Ask to visit before making any requests, and visualise where to place the cocktail buffet, the stage, a product display if you are organising a showroom, etc.

Site access

Ask about site access before making any requests for visits or quotes. The location must be easily accessible by car or public transport.


Why look for an original venue in Lyon?

France's second largest metropolis, Lyon is a city in constant motion. It was voted "European Capital of Smart Tourism 2019", a prize awarded by the European Union, thanks to its many assets: respect for heritage and the environment, accessibility, creativity... Lyon has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.

Would you like to rent an original venue in Lyon? We provide various inspired, private venues: the Matmut Stadium in Gerland, la Sucrière, as well as the rooftop of the Lyon Convention Centre with its breathtaking view of Lyon. To find out more, contact us, we will be delighted to discuss with you how we can best meet your needs to organise the perfect corporate event that matches your unique brand DNA and values!


Our inspired venues in Lyon

A wide, varied range of events is available through renting iconic venues: the Matmut Stadium in Gerland, the rooftop of the Lyon Convention Centre and la Sucrière. These original event spaces in Lyon are perfect for an unforgettable day or evening for your guests.

The Matmut Stadium in Gerland : an inspired venue in Lyon

The Matmut Stadium in Gerland is a truly inspired venue in the heart of the Lyon metropolis. This venue will keep the ball rolling the whole time!

Home ground of LOU Rugby, one of the leaders of the Top 14, it is the legendary and historic stadium of Lyon. Renting this private venue in Lyon will give your guests the feeling of spending their time in a high level sporting ambience. A great, lively place, it has been completely renovated and redesigned to accommodate events.

Located in the heart of Lyon, this original venue offers a unique setting for your events! Would you like to accommodate 50 to 2,000 people for a convention, an original conference, a gala evening, or the launch of a new product? This exceptional venue will provide your event with a unique, friendly atmosphere! Built by Tony Garnier and listed as a historical landmark, this venue has been entirely redesigned, renovated and improved to host the most elegant business functions. Reserving the Matmut Stadium in Gerland will make your event stand out like no other!

La Sucrière : an original venue in Lyon

La Sucrière, where the art brings your emotions to life! This inspired venue in Lyon is an old industrial building from the 1930s, formerly a sugar warehouse. Distinguished by its three emblematic silos, it is both a historic and symbolic building located in the new Lyon Confluence district, Europe's leading contemporary architectural project, which has commissioned major international architects (Jakob & Mac Farlane, Wilmotte & Associés etc.) to create the various buildings that comprise it. Located on the banks of the River Saône, deep in the heart of the Lyon-Confluence docks, this place steeped in history proves that a building can both preserve its industrial heritage and have a new function, like here: culture and events. La Sucrière has been designed to host both nationally and internationally renowned art expositions, professional events and trade shows. 

Dazzle your guests in this authentic box of possibilities, devoted to creation! This private venue in Lyon has a unique industrial style, where you can host outstanding events with a distinctly cultural, contemporary ambience. 

Booking La Sucrière also means having private use of the waterfront and the possibility of using shuttle boats from the centre of Lyon to amaze your guests with a surprise arrival!  

The rooftop of the Lyon Convention Centre

The Lyon Convention Centre has a 250m² terrace, the "Terrasse Roseraie", located on its roof. This original place offers a panoramic view of the Parc de la Tête d'Or and the Cité Internationale. This rooftop is the extension of a windowed reception area, which allows the light to penetrate the entire space. This inspired venue can be booked for private use and can be adapted for any type of event.

On the same floor there are meeting rooms and other modular spaces for conventions, conferences and original corporate conferences. 


Book one of inspired venues in Lyon with Lyon events!

Lyon events works with you to find the ideal place to organise your professional event ! At La Sucrière, Matmut Stadium or on the rooftop of the Lyon Convention Centre, your guests will have an unforgettable time that they will remember for years.

Rent one of our inspired venues and your event will be like no other! To find out more about our event services or to make a reservation, please do not hesitate to contact us.